Підручники з англійської мови Fairy English

For teachers’ reference

Fairy English is a tutorial for primary school students. It has been approved by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine and it completely corresponds to the school program.

The Fairy English set includes the Student’s book (Parts 1, 2) and the Grammar (Parts 1, 2) which clearly explains the main grammar constructions and rules. Play based approach and non-standard layout of the material will help children master even such complicated constructions like there is/are and the Present Simple and the Present Continuous Tenses.

Here you can get acquainted with the grammar and conversational topics covered within two parts.

The tutorial includes the following conversational topics: greetings, acquaintanceship, family, house and furniture, toys, domestic and wild animals, clothes and footwear, appearance, summer and winter outdoor activities, weather, months and seasons, days of the week, everyday activities, food and drinks, school, holidays etc., as well as the tasks including all kinds of activities:

Reading – exciting plots animated into cartoons with subtitles;

Listening – numerous listening exercises (80 % of exercises are recorded);

Writing – creative tasks for reinforcement writing skills as well as grammar constructions and rules;

Speaking – activities aimed at developing conversational skills (real life situations).

As well as merry songs, crosswords and stickers.