Підручники з англійської мови Fairy English


Learning to play and playing to learn is Fairy English’s motto. Playing is a natural way for children to explore the world, learn new skills and study new languages. Fairy English makes children enjoy learning activities and develop their imagination. When children are eager and curious they are more likely to succeed in learning. Play Acting is a great activity children can do together during the lesson while acting out the exciting episodes they have just read in the book and watched on DVD.

It’s worth mentioning that this manual has been approved by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine and thoroughly examined by our most important experts – children and we are absolutely convinced that play-based learning is the best way to master the language.

This course is specially created for young learners of primary schools in Ukraine. Being the analog of world famous publishing companies, though, Fairy English has some advantages for our Ukrainian students due to the fact that all the explanations of basic grammar rules and structures are done in their native language which considerably facilitates the whole process of comprehension and later on it will inevitably result in correct and fluent usage of this material in real-life situations. The immersion into the linguistic environment ensues while listening and reading exciting episodes voiced by the British native speaker and illustrated and animated by real professionals who have contributed greatly into creating engaging characters and colourful illustrations. Together with their favourite characters children will experience incredible adventures on the Moon, on the Planet of Robots, in the boiling hot desert, at the freezing cold North Pole as well as in the Chocolate Kingdom etc.

With Fairy English you will be able to:
– arouse child’s interest in learning English (due to the play based learning, engaging characters and exciting cartoons your child will be eager to study the English language every day without any reminders from you);
– create the linguistic core (it will make your child speak English from the first lessons using correct and authentic pronunciation as all the recordings are voiced by the British native speaker);
– help your child master the basic grammar constructions and use them in real life situations.
I am absolutely convinced that play based learning is the best way to master the language, so let’s help our children study English with pleasure and inspiration!