Підручники з англійської мови Fairy English

Student’s book Part 1

Publishing house: «Бизнесполиграф»
Author: Гурская О.А.

The Student’s book (Part 1) is a main component of Fairy English.
It’s a matter of high importance to encourage your child when it comes to studies, especially when it concerns English. Your child needs a very bright and clear stimulus. Show him a new interesting cartoon in English or try to explain that he can get his New Year’s presents not only from «Grandfather the Frost» but from the famous Santa Claus himself! But under one small condition! The letters to Santa Claus must be written in English. Or while travelling around the world he will never get lost if he knows English. When the stimulus is found and the child is interested, the next step is an interesting English manual and play based approach for learning English – and this is exactly what Fairy English is! With Fairy English children will plunge into an incredible world of adventures with their favourite character Eli, the elf and his friends.
They are going to wander around his old castle, play hide-and-seek, spend some time in the jungle, got captured by the pirates themselves and visit the North Pole.
They will not just read these exciting stories but they can also watch colourful cartoons with subtitles voiced by the British native speaker. It will enable children to experience the English language spoken by the native speaker and reinforce their pronunciation without leaving Ukraine.
The tutorial includes the following conversational topics: greetings, acquaintanceship, family, house and furniture, toys, domestic and wild animals, clothes and footwear, appearance, summer and winter outdoor activities, weather etc. as well as the tasks including all kinds of activities:

Reading – exciting plots animated into cartoons with subtitles;
Listening – numerous listening exercises (80 % of exercises are recorded);
Writing – creative tasks for reinforcement writing skills as well as grammar constructions and rules;
Speaking – activities aimed at developing conversational skills (real life situations).
Amusing creative tasks, merry songs, crosswords and stickers will make the whole learning process entertaining and waggish.

Price 300UAH.
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